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loveyourthongs asked:

do you plan on switching at all to a dominant role in any scenes like strap attack, men in pain, or any other dominant roles? Love your scenes Mia!

Thanks! No I do not plan where my sexual exploration takes me. So if you ever see me playing a Dom I would def be curious who influenced me in that direction

lshameless asked:

No question here, just wanted to let you know I think you have a killer smile. ;) If we're ever in the same area I'd be down for taking you out to lunch. Have a wonderful day, and don't let those negative peeps get to you.

Awe thanks! You’re so nice to write me that! It totally made me smile and today I really need it! :D thank you!

taiinside asked:

Wow its like after each video you make you become more sexy and better at what ur doing. Do you see the improvement ?

Thank you!!!! I have noticed! And it’s because I made myself watch some of my own latest scenes (where I liked the way I looked to begin with as far as makeup and wardrobe) and started working on myself as well as the performance part of what I didn’t like seeing on video that totally didn’t look hot or sexy to me… So I consciously made an effort to improve on stuff I was doing to make it more attractive visually while still doing me - with less body fat and more hair and less ohhmyygawhhhhs ;) I kinda got lost in the moment and forgot I’m on set and cameras are there at times.. So I’m glad I started to actually watch some of my stuff and learned from them. Still not 100% but I bet if and when I get my own site, it ll be a world of difference from what is out now :)

tokekiex asked:

First of all your hella beautiful, and secondly your probably the only Asian girl that can actually do anal right for me xD and also you got a instagram?

Awe thanks! You’re so sweet! Yes, my Instagram handle is @MiaRider
Which is pretty much the way to find me on any social media site ;)

bastfame asked:

Hey Mia, I just wanted to say your really beautiful and is it possible to get a signed photo of you? I live in sweden. :)

Awe thanks! I appreciate the compliment! And I would love to send you a signed photo, however it’s not free to ship it all the way over there or anywhere for that matter. So I have to limit the free signed pics to the people that gift from my amaZon wish list ;)


Anonymous asked:

Is the persona you take on tumblr and twitter a real reflection of you? Because most of what you say is sex related, and yet there must be times when your not in that kind of mood, but cater to what your fans want to hear anyway?

Hahaha I def don’t live or say or do anything that I don’t think or feel at that moment. I take pride in who I am and living an authentic life…. I know it must be hard to believe but I really am a sex crazed pervert. But I’ve come to accept that about myself and decided to embrace it and now………here I am. :) and I was just thinking how if you think my twitter and tumblr persona is that sexual, wow, if ya could only see what my conversations are like!!! Haha

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