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bastfame asked:

Hey Mia, I just wanted to say your really beautiful and is it possible to get a signed photo of you? I live in sweden. :)

Awe thanks! I appreciate the compliment! And I would love to send you a signed photo, however it’s not free to ship it all the way over there or anywhere for that matter. So I have to limit the free signed pics to the people that gift from my amaZon wish list ;)


Anonymous asked:

Is the persona you take on tumblr and twitter a real reflection of you? Because most of what you say is sex related, and yet there must be times when your not in that kind of mood, but cater to what your fans want to hear anyway?

Hahaha I def don’t live or say or do anything that I don’t think or feel at that moment. I take pride in who I am and living an authentic life…. I know it must be hard to believe but I really am a sex crazed pervert. But I’ve come to accept that about myself and decided to embrace it and now………here I am. :) and I was just thinking how if you think my twitter and tumblr persona is that sexual, wow, if ya could only see what my conversations are like!!! Haha

masterrobb asked:

Hello Mia, question for you. In porn (and I love your shoots!) your nasty and very enthusiastic. I enjoy them because of how submissive you are yet how enthusiastic you are. I'm sure that that Mia is a part of you, but are you that way with your partner/spouse or are you more mellow and on equal footing with him/her. Love your stuff, love you, and hope someday to meet you in person

Thank you! I honestly am a horrible actress! I don’t want to do things in videos that I wouldn’t be open to doing in real life. Mia is me. I really am naturally submissive and enthusiastic! I CAN be mellow at times …. Maybe after I’m dick drunk…. But for the most part I’m who you see in vids. ;)

perception-was-reality asked:

bit of a new fan, but how much work have you done with bdsm scenes? I saw that clip from sexandsubmission, real nice. Are you going to do more work with that?

I loved that scene! The director for sexandsubmission is awesome and I would definitely shoot for him again! As far as the bdsm in general, I’m very selective in the scenes I shoot -mostly depends on the people involved. But I’m open minded and I’m open to listening to any opportunities that are brought up to me… So ya never know ;)

taiinside asked:

Hey All the way from Australia, Love that unique vibe you got about you, Everybody these days just wants to follow the paths of others but i cant help but smile at people that work to the beat of their own drum. Soon people will realize i guess thats the only way to truly be happy in life, To throw away the chains of fate and start fulfilling your own destiny. All the best and i know this isn't a question but i wanted to let you know :) Much love x

I love this! I don’t know what I love the most about this message- the fact you see and recognize it or the way you effectively communicated your words that felt genuinely kind and I appreciate all of it! You’re the reason for this smile on my face right now :) thank you and I hope all is well with you in the land down under!

phoundhx asked:

Hey Mia ;) So can you tell your fans which scenes in your opinion are your hottest/wildest and which directors/companies you love working for the most? I'll catch up to you soon sexy! -P

My first all out DP scene in Asian Anal Assault is my all time favorite till this day…. its where I think I looked the hottest and for me it was one of the wildest experiences I think I ll ever have - It’s also directed by my fav director for one of my fav studios - Jonni Darkko / Evil Angel… He’s the best and Evil Angel is the hottest and I feel privileged to have worked with the best of the best! :)

phoundhx asked:

Hey Mia ;) will you be doing any gangbang scenes in the future?! I'm sure your fans would love to see your gorgeous body get demolished in all holes by multiple cocks! -P

Hey stranger! Well, I’ve done 2 gangbangs and I’m not sure I really feel the need to do anymore….? I think both gangbangs stuffed all my holes to the max and def tested my limits and I appreciate the experience as a whole and to even be able to experience that fantasy in a safe environment with the freedom to push boundaries is the main reason I will forever love being a performer in the adult industry :)


Anonymous asked:

Are throat fucking scenes really painful?

Painful? Haha no way! It’s just gross when there’s puke from it…. But when there’s not any throw up, I fucking love it! I get such a rush and a different kind of orgasm from my pussy popping everytime i gag from it going down my throat! Seriously.


Anonymous asked:

Is it creepy that most of your fans are men who've jerked off to you at your most intimate moments? I mean would you start a relationship with someone like that?

Is it creepy that most of my fans are men that’ve jerked off to me in my most intimate moments??? Hmmm…as oppose to them being women that have not? Or if they jerked off to me in my non intimate moments? Um, I guess you forgot that I do PORN! It’s not a sit down let’s have a comprehensive discussion after the movie type of film here. It’s meant to be a fantasy and to turn you on and like everything else, there’s a time and place for it and would I start a relationship with someone “like that”? Honestly I don’t put any absolute specifics on who I would or wouldn’t start a relationship with.. I try to live my life authentically and most of the time my relationships just happen to be there one day cuz I was having too much fun to think too much about what was stemming with the person I was having so much fun with. :)

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